Food Services

Serendipity provides learning opportunities in an environment that supports the overall health and well-being of some of the most vulnerable children in our community. Food and meal sharing is an important part of creating a successful learning environment. Our students leave the cafeteria ready to learn, feeling secure and well nourished; their basic needs are met and they have energy for the day’s activities.

Effective Fall 2015, Serendipity provides free breakfasts and lunches to all students through the Oregon Community Eligibility Provisions.

Upper School students have the opportunity, after successfully obtaining Food Handlers’ cards, to participate in work-experience placements in Serendipity’s Food Services program.

The Food Services team at Serendipity has made the following commitments to our students, staff and guests:

  • Menu meets and exceeds the nutrition standards of the USDA
  • Easily accessible (known foods) with a variety of rotating proteins
  • Different genres or ethnicities within each week
  • Delicious entrees accented by a rotating salad bar
  • Fresh, local, seasonal, and consistent produce on a daily salad bar
  • Comfort food healthily prepared from scratch (as much as possible)
  • Primarily use non-processed foods
  • Only whole-grain enriched grain products used
  • Using as much food as possible from Serendipity’s Growing Minds Garden
  • Providing alternatives to menu items per allergy or major dislikes
  • Nutritious and delicious food made with the intent of love and healing!