The meaning of Serendipity’s Name

The word Serendipity means the unexpected discovery of something good. When our school was named in 1979, it was with the intention to provide that something good in the lives of young people challenged by disability and trauma. The “something good” Serendipity seeks for our students involves school experiences that cultivate competence, courage, confidence, and empathy. It is “something good” when young people on the brink of surrendering their potential grow to see themselves, others, and their futures with hope.

The meaning of Serendipity’s Logo

In 2002, Serendipity adopted its current logo. It was selected because we felt it communicated our identity and purpose on several levels.

The child within the logo is misaligned, perhaps even fractured. To understand Serendipity, it is necessary to acknowledge traumatic events and those conditions that truly disrupt a child’s development.

The experience the child is having at Serendipity is multi-layered. Healing occurs because special education, mental health, skills of independence, and the child’s well-being are supported fluidly and in concert.

The hope we hold for all children is represented. Helping the pieces fit restores their wholeness, and thus the capacity to reach their full potential.