Serendipity Facts and Fact Sheets

What is Serendipity Center?

Serendipity Center is a private, nonprofit, K-12+ therapeutic school located in Portland, Oregon.

What is a Therapeutic School?

Serendipity’s therapeutic school is a special education program with a primary focus on emotional and behavioral growth. Our program prioritizes academic learning (Education), progress on individual treatment goals (Mental Health), preparation for future success (Transition Readiness), and the development of life-long health practices (Wellness). Serendipity is both an accredited school and certified children’s mental health provider.

Serendipity’s Mission

Serendipity’s mission is to provide the best environment for students to heal and become educated, productive community members.

Serendipity’s Philosophy

In order to achieve our mission, we built our program around the RE-Education model developed by psychologist and researcher Dr. Nicholas Hobbs. RE-Education is a guiding philosophy, founded on the belief that children can be taught to manage their behavior. This unique framework focuses on the strengths inherent in each student and employs a variety of approaches in order to solve problems.

Important Facts about Serendipity

  • Serendipity is accredited by AdvancEd, and is both registered and approved by Departments of Education in both Oregon and Washington states.
  • Serendipity is also a certified Outpatient Provider of children’s mental health services.
  • Serendipity currently partners with 23 school districts in four counties.
  • Serendipity’s school calendar satisfies the required 990 instructional hours for Upper School students and the required 900 instructional hours for Lower School students.
  • Serendipity opened our school doors in 1979, and have operated under the same mission and philosophy since that time.
  • Serendipity awards primarily modified diplomas, but can accommodate students on a standard diploma track.
  • Serendipity’s speech-language pathologists (SLPs) utilize a variety of therapeutic models for service delivery. Push-in/collaborative consultation is provided within the classrooms enabling hands-on training for the classroom staff as the SLP models use of intervention strategies, as well as supporting the development of lesson plans that accommodate to the various language profiles in the classroom. Pull-out services are provided for students that benefit from a one-to-one learning environment for initial skill acquisition, and group instruction in the form of social skills groups is provided to support the use of targeted skills in more naturalistic settings.
  • A consulting psychiatrist is on campus two days a week. He provides psychiatric consultation with clinical staff as well as offering observation and consultation services to teachers. We have a full-time Certified Medication Assistant and a consulting Registered Nurse.
  • Serendipity maintains a 24-hour emergency answering service for students and families. The clinical staff and the Management Team are available through this service.