Stephen Carter Scholarship

Bringing Opportunity to Serendipity Students

Stephen Carter was an active and transformative Board Member for Serendipity, serving between 2003 and 2013. He first became acquainted with our program when he toured Serendipity as part of a process matching an executive from The Standard with an opening on the Serendipity Board. Stephen believed deeply in the promise and potential of Serendipity students. Even after he left the Serendipity Board in 2013, Steve remained a loyal friend, an Ex-Officio board member, and an advocate for the organization.

After Stephen’s unexpected passing in 2016, his family and friends honored his love for Serendipity by creating a The Stephen Carter Scholarship Fund. When Serendipity middle school and high school students need support to continue their personal growth and learning in the community, they can find that assistance from the Stephen Carter Scholarship Fund.

A big thank you to Stephen’s family and friends for continuing his legacy through a scholarship that helps our students thrive!

“On four occasions, I have stood on a stage with Steve when diplomas he signed were awarded to young people who had long forsaken the possibility that they could be graduates. I have watched Steve shake their hands and commend them for their courage and acknowledge their potential. Presenting scholarships in Steve’s name is the perfect tribute to his philanthropy and a continuation of the values he prioritized.”

— Belinda Marier, Serendipity Executive Director

Founding Donors

Dr. Doug and Trudi Walta
Paul and Vicki Linnman
Barb and Kim Ledbetter
The Craig and Sarah Anderson Charitable Fund
Dr. Bob and Francy Heffernan
John Armstrong
Gary and Janie Hibler
Kelly Hayes
Bob Stutte
Richard and Joan Vanderzanden
Ben and Elaine Whiteley
Joan Griffis
Richard and Patricia Carter

Bill and Darlene Willard
Metro Women’s West Club
Robert and Patricia Ogburn
Marilyn and Richard Carter
Marcia Bryan
Westridge Elementary School staff
Daniel Foote
Barbara Blakeley
Barbara Johnsen
Hal and Jane Ayotte
Rita McClellan
Courtney Shah
Cherie Sanville

Summary of Scholarships presented in first year (2016-2017)

In the inaugural year of the fund, seven scholarships were awarded. Scholarships helped fund items and activities such as: laptops for continuing education and job searches (4 recipients); driver’s education classes (1); a gym membership to provide a safe after-school activity (1), and a bicycle to use a transportation to and from a job (1).