Student Leadership

It is Serendipity’s belief that supporting students in the development of leadership skills, including collaboration, self-expression, advocacy, project management, etc., results in important gains in both confidence and competency that transfer to other settings. Students with disabilities and those who have endured repeated failures can too often see themselves as marginalized. To experience membership in a community, providing service to others, and having a voice with which to impact change can prepare our young people to transition to their next chapters with recognition of their own value, creativity, and capabilities.

Student Council:

Representatives of each Upper School classroom serve on Serendipity’s Student Council. Under the guidance of staff advisors, student council members plan and facilitate a variety of school activities throughout the school year, spearhead student initiatives designed to improve community life at the school and provide invaluable feedback to Serendipity’s management team regarding the agency’s policies, programs and interventions. This provides members with the opportunity to develop leadership and self-advocacy skills while directly impacting the quality of the student experience at Serendipity.

  • Student Council members hold formal meetings every two weeks to plan events and develop leadership skills.
  • Student Council members plan and oversee multiple themed dances and spirit weeks to cultivate school pride and joy in the student community.
  • Student Council members participate in the agency’s Quality/Continuous Improvement Plan (Q-CIP) meetings, expressing student concerns directly to Serendipity’s managers and other stakeholders.
  • Student Council members represent the student body at Serendipity’s annual Pearls of Hope fundraising event.
  • Student Council members regularly generate ideas to improve school life, advocate for ideas suggested by peers and advance initiatives when feasible for the betterment of all in the school community.

Student Council Member General Expectations:

  • Consistent Safe, Respectful, and Responsible behavior
  • 85% participation in class
  • Are recognized by Classroom Teacher, staff and/or peers as a leader/role-model for excellent behavior at school
  • Committed to attend and participate in student council meetings, check-ins and events

Other Opportunities

  • The Eagles’ Scream is a monthly student newspaper to which all students are invited to contribute stories and original art.
  • Volunteer students assist with the planning and production of the annual student yearbook.
  • A Talent Show is annually towards the end of the school year. Interested students plan their performances, audition, and perform with great pride.