Statement of Educational Equity

At Serendipity, we believe the following:

  • Educational Equity ensures that all students have access to opportunities to learn and develop to their fullest potentials.
  • Equity is different from equality. While equality demands that everyone be treated the same, equity provides each learner with the individualized strategies they need to be successful.
  • The pursuit of educational equity requires recognition of the historical conditions and barriers that have prevented opportunity and success in learning.
  • For many students, these include their race, income, gender, gender identities, mental health conditions, beliefs, disabilities, and other social conditions.
  • Serendipity strives to eliminate these structural and institutional barriers.
  • We do this through instruction and community building, allowing all students the opportunities and support to engage in the education they deserve. We believe the experience of participating in a culture of justice, fairness, and inclusion prepares our students and our world for the best possible futures.