Equity, Diversity & Inclusion within Our Community

As a school, we cannot cultivate a commitment to equity with our students if we do not hold ourselves responsible for the same.

Towards that goal, Serendipity has undertaken the following priorities:

  • We provide trainings that are focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion that are topical and ongoing.
  • We have designated staff members to lead our Equity committee.
  • We have increased our number of Bi-lingual and multi-cultural staff.
  • We are making improvements to remove barriers for non-English speaking parents and families.
  • We are proactively seeking to increase our workforce diversity and are making gains in having a diverse staff.
  • We are committed to reviewing (at times of contract renewal) our vendor list and researching companies that are owned and operated by women or minorities.
  • We have become more intentional in our recruitment efforts to our Board of Directors, recognizing that we need a board that embraces our commitment to being an inclusive and diverse agency. For our board to reflect this, we seek individuals that understand and represent paradigms, backgrounds, and experiences as diverse as our students and their families. These include individuals representing all ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, genders, gender identities, ages, and abilities, to name a few.