Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for Students

Advancing Equity within our School Milieu

Serendipity students are greeted each morning with our visual message of welcome to all who enter. The conceptual ideas embedded in this poster (shared below) serve as curriculum for morning meetings and for Social/Emotional Learning lessons throughout the first semester of every year. A diverse school community, like any community, cannot learn from one another’s experiences if we don’t share common vocabulary. Further, contextual/historical perspective is required to inform our understanding if true dialogue is to occur.

We accept and support who you are
and who you are becoming. We stand with you!

Serendipity’s Equity Team seeks to provide a safe atmosphere to openly express, discuss, and make positive changes toward diversity.

We strive to enhance our school community’s ability to recognize, respect, respond to, and empower differing perspectives and life experiences. This committee helps guide curriculum selections, trainings to students and to staff, and interventions in response to hate speech, bullying, and threats. One of their first milestones was the creation of Serendipity’s Kindness, Acceptance, and Inclusion policy, which sets forth a process of using restorative practices in response to acts that lack kindness and work against inclusion.