We write to you today in grief and pain about the recent events in light of the murder of George Floyd, and so many others due to the color of their skin. We grieve for our country as this racial divide tears our cities and communities apart. This has been layered on top of an already traumatic pandemic that has killed over 100,000 Americans, devastated the economy and disrupted all of our lives. For our families as well as our staff and community, we are left with the question “What do we say to the children?” “What can we do?”

The answer lies in our core values as a school… to heal and learn. These are more than words. They are the statement of what we believe in, who we are and what we want our students to become – educated and productive members of their community.

Serendipity Center stands in solidarity with those in this community and country at large that are in a constant struggle to end oppression and racism. We stand with the Black community in condemning the racial injustices and acts of police violence that have plagued our nation for generations.

We are committed to our students and families to continue to have faith in the power of education as the foundation for a better future.

Our school culture, like many others, is based on the importance of safety, respect, and responsibility. These cannot be just ideas. Our mission is to support young people, many of whom are already struggling with adversity, to become safe citizens, ready to participate in our society aware of their responsibilities to others, and capable of demonstrating respect. These efforts are undermined when the institutions surrounding them do not.

We will continue to educate ourselves and our students in our shared history no matter how uncomfortable and difficult that might be. Further, as an educational community, we commit to continuing to make equity a priority by routinely reviewing our practices to ensure they align with our values as a school.

In grateful partnership,
Serendipity Center Team