Campus Tour

We invite you to browse our photo tour of Serendipity’s campus. Because Serendipity’s model of care is grounded in a holistic approach, we have intentionally developed a facility that features customized spaces for a variety of uses. A therapeutic school needs spaces for fostering learning, healing, community, and joy. We are proud to share the segments of our campus that support academic learning, technology, experiential and leadership projects, work experience, life skill cultivation, counseling, coaching, groups, exercise and active play, and access to nutritious meals.

Serendipity complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its applicable requirements including those related to access to campus facilities, provision of services, and employment.


With an average class size of 8.34 students and staff-to-student ratios ranging from 3:10 to 1:1, Serendipity’s classrooms are true learning communities. Primarily self-contained, our classrooms become a student’s home base for academic, social, and behavioral growth.

JFR Life Skills Room

Achieving competence with basic living skills is essential if Serendipity’s students are to become successfully independent. The JFR Life Skills Room provides regular opportunities to practice menu planning, food storage, cooking, serving, cleaning, budgeting, laundry, sewing, and social skills.


“Narnia” themed streetlights, plush purple velvet chairs, and twinkling trees have created a magical feel to Serendipity’s library. The joy and discovery made possible only through books and stories is experienced here every day.

NIKE Playground

NIKE was the lead donor in our campaign to plan and fund Serendipity’s playground, which features an absorbent NIKE Grind floor and innovative play equipment manufactured by Kompan Inc. The design of our playground promotes child-directed play, and invites creativity, social interaction, and joy.

Dining Room

Serendipity’s Dining Room is a welcome gathering spot.  Lunches are served during four sessions, allowing students to eat in small groups with their staff members. Conversational skills, table manners, and other social graces are promoted. Our Dining Room also hosts dances, celebrations, graduation, talent shows, and outside presentations.

Growing Minds Garden

Serendipity’s School Garden, located on our lot just east of our building, was launched in 2011 by students in our Transition to Independence Program. The garden has provided an important opportunity to learn project management, teamwork, nutrition, and issues related to sustainable practices.

Growing Minds Greenhouse

The 720 square foot Growing Minds Garden greenhouse has created the space necessary for year round outdoor ecology classes and starter plants for the spring growing season. Thanks to the Employees Community Fund of Boeing Portland and Resers Family Foundation for providing the funding for this important addition to our garden and Wellness programs.

Conference Rooms

Serendipity’s clinical case managers help facilitate cohesive and focused teams around our young people. Family members, advocates, school district representatives, and other service providers meet regularly to set goals and monitor progress. Serendipity conference rooms provide private space for these teams to plan support for each child.

School Kitchen

Serendipity’s commercial style kitchen affords daily hot, nutritious meals, important for all students and of even more significance for students experiencing food insecurity. Student work experience positions in the kitchen provide authentic practice of employment skills and a source of great pride for students who master the requirements of food service roles.

Coaching Rooms

Multiple coaching rooms are available around the campus, providing space for collaborative problem solving and needed alternative activities. We believe that an essential skill for self-management is to recognize when a break, an alternative, or some support is needed and then to use these strategies to remain well-regulated.

Multi-Cultural Art Collection

The Spirit Mountain Community Fund helped Serendipity acquire a collection of art representing many cultures, with the goal of exposing our students to new perspectives and creating points of connection for those visiting or attending Serendipity. Our student created art, displayed around the campus, often continues this theme of inclusivity.

Family Area

The family area provides space for family members to continue conversations following a formal team meeting. This area also affords a central area for posting and distributing information useful to our families and guests.


Dedicated and nearly constant four-square is played in our courtyard, as we practice taking turns, strategic moves, graceful winning and graceful losing, and encouraging our peers, thus carrying on a Serendipity tradition that exceeds 30 years in its popularity. Our courtyard is also home to the Growing Minds Herb Garden, supporting school meal preparation and a variety of life skills activities.

Eagle’s Nest

Serendipity’s year-round active play space allowing students daily opportunities for building strength, coordination, and the habits that lead to lifelong wellness. Students also practice social skills that prepare them for sports and team activities in other settings. The Eagle’s Nest provides daily experiences of fun and joy.

In-person Campus Tour:

Serendipity can provide an in-person campus tour. If you are interested, please contact Kristin, our Admissions Manager via email: or call 503-761-7139.