Our Mission

Serendipity carries out it’s mission by implementing these practices:

Our Beliefs

Serendipity’s core beliefs are drawn from the philosophy of RE-Education, developed by Dr. Nicholas Hobbs. The 12 Principles of RE-Ed form the foundation of our work and guide our adoption of all other practices.

Our Model

Serendipity utilizes a model of Integrated Intervention in which our core philosophy of RE-Education is merged with other practices. Sustained by a daily environment of stability and structure, this model provides every student with a responsive learning experience.

Our Curriculum

Serendipity’s program is accredited by AdvancEd. Our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards, with the goal of equipping students with the knowledge and strategies they need to continue learning throughout their lives.

Our Treatment Modality

Collaborative Problem Solving believes that children will do well if they can and that the participation of our students in their own treatment process is vital. With adult guidance, students forge relationships based on effective communication and mutual respect.

Our Behavioral System

Serendipity’s culture is organized around the three themes of Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. Students and adults function best in an environment characterized by SAFETY, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY.

Our Wellness Programs

Wellness depends upon many factors, including the skills and knowledge to maintain health, a wholesome diet, regular exercise, access to the outdoors, and experiencing joy. An ability to independently maintain health is a goal for every student.