Welcome New Board Member

Serendipity’s Board of Directors, staff members, and students welcome Randi Johnson who brings valuable business experience and a commitment to Serendipity’s mission to provide support for students to heal, learn, and contribute.

Randi is founder and owner of Copia Group, which provides recruitment services for executive and director level positions. Her work allows Randi to build on her core beliefs—that relationships matter, that meeting people where they are  makes learning possible, and that meaningful work is empowering.  Randi not only guides her clients towards the formulation of their personal goals, she herself operates from a personal mission statement. She seeks to help people find and go towards their potential while she finds and goes towards hers.

There seems to be a natural alignment of Randi’s philosophy with Serendipity’s mission. Her background makes her an important addition to our finance committee, where she helps oversee and guide financial reports and decisions. Her enthusiasm to become quickly involved and to support the board’s projects is very much appreciated.

The entire Serendipity team feels strengthened by Randi’s skills, expertise, and commitment to the welfare of our children. Please join us in welcoming her.