Serendipity Center’s Student Council

Serendipity’s student council is a wonderful opportunity for some of our high school students to participate as leaders in our school.

This year, the student council got right to work on planning high school-wide activities such as the Halloween Dance and the Holiday Lunch. They also worked on some service projects. Several of our council members were volunteers at a leadership conference for disabled youth. The experience deepened their insight into both the challenges faced by disabled individuals and the resources and supports available to them. It proved an inspiring experience, and everyone came away feeling empowered to seek further leadership opportunities in their communities. The student council also sends a representative to Serendipity Center’s Quality Improvement Committee, which convenes four times a year to review and discuss how our program and services can be strengthened.

During the month of February, the student council sponsored “Spirit Week”. Tie-dyed shirts in Serendipity school colors were created, and a slate of silly, fun activities were scheduled for every student in the school. It was a time for our students to feel unified, to feel pride in their school, and to experience the importance of including joy in our lives. The Valentine’s Day dance was another great success.

Students who are interested in serving on the student council are required to fill out an application in September and must meet specific criteria in order to be considered, including excellent attendance, passing grades, and consistent safe, respectful and responsible behaviors. This year there has been increased interest in student leadership, and the council is currently functioning with up to 10 members. They are a group of students who have risen to the expectations and have been exemplary student leaders.