Congratulations, Rylan!


We are very proud of Rylan, age 13, who is making the transition back to his public school.

Rylan came to Serendipity Center in November of 2015 at the age of 6. He describes his previous struggles as having “anger issues,” being “destructive” in the classroom, and being “physically aggressive” towards his peers and teachers. Many children come to Serendipity with similar patterns of behavior; patterns that cannot be properly managed at home or in the public school setting.

Rylan appreciates Serendipity because he knows he “wouldn’t get kicked out that easy.” For some children, feeling safe means that no matter what rules they break or boundaries they push, they will be welcomed back the next day with open arms.

Serendipity students learn that they are worthy of a quality education, no matter how their behavior manifests on the outside.

Rylan also appreciates the opportunity to “take breaks” outside of the classroom when needed. Many of our students cannot sit through an average school day, for a variety of reasons. Taking breaks with qualified staff allows kids to disrupt their negative thoughts, remember the communication skills they’re learning, and eventually, appropriately express their emotions. Rylan says he is “more open now” than he was when he arrived at Serendipity Center.

When reflecting on his time here, Rylan says he has built positive relationships with staff members Rick, Trish, and Jeremy.

“I would describe Rylan’s progress as an immense amount of maturity.”

Nina, Rylan’s clinical social worker

“He’s not physically aggressive at all anymore. His interests are quite expansive and cover a lot of cool topics. He’s developing leadership qualities that I think he takes lot of pride in, and his humor is spot on. Rylan is one of the funniest students I’ve had the opportunity to work with.”

Congratulations on your transition, Rylan! We will miss you, but we know you will go on to do great things both inside and out of the classroom.

Please consider supporting great kids like Rylan as they walk through their educational journey at Serendipity Center.