Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year!

All-staff photo, June 2022

Mark and his dog, Osborn

I hope all of you enjoyed your summer. I’m excited to welcome everyone back for Serendipity’s 44th school year!

Last year we successfully welcomed back both students and staff to campus. The year wasn’t void of significant challenges, but because of the perseverance and dedication of our team, we were able to serve over 70 students.

As we continue to build back, our academic priorities will be to continue to provide world-class instruction to the students we serve. We will continue work on aligning our curriculum and Oregon and Common core standards, while we improve instructional strategies to target IEP goals and increase student engagement and achievement. In addition, our Transition Program will be a focus for this year, as we pilot and develop several projects geared towards giving upper school students hands-on vocational skills.

This year, we hope to welcome families and community members onto campus for tours and school-wide events.

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As we continue to distance ourselves from the pandemic, we must remain vigilant and hyper-aware of our evolving student and family needs. This remains a critical time not only for our students, but also for Serendipity as a whole. We must continue to live and support our mission of “Providing the best environment for students to heal and become educated, productive community members”.

Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!

Thank you,

Serendipity Executive Director