Dear Friends,

Children living with learning challenges and trauma need special environments, holistic treatment, and individualized instruction to succeed in school and life. That’s why our school exists.

At Serendipity, we use a Four Pillar Model to guide our work. Each of the four pillars fits together like a puzzle.

Today, we’re offering you a closer look at the Mental Health pillar and what it means at our therapeutic school.

Integrated mental health is what makes Serendipity unique. We’ve learned over the past 40 years that understanding trauma history is the only way forward.

Our therapeutic services integrate clinically-designed interventions into the structure of a school day, through a shared understanding of each child’s strengths, histories, needs, and goals.

Our goal is to aid learning, no matter what it takes.

We create a road map for each child as a way to interpret mental health information and apply it in the classroom. These road maps help teachers understand each child’s unique needs.

What does this look like in the classroom? For a student with proximity issues, their teacher will know not to stand too close. For a student who needs help with verbal processing, their teacher will know to speak slowly and clearly. They might use creative tools like music and art to help students access their voice. Our teachers are constantly adjusting their practices to accommodate each child’s particular needs.

It is our privilege to help students heal, learn, and grow. But we can’t do it without support from our community.


Mark, Takehara
Executive Director, Serendipity Center

The Four Pillar Fund is Serendipity Center’s annual fundraising campaign.

Tuition is provided by school districts, and only partially covers the cost of running Serendipity Center. We use Four Pillar Fund contributions to make sure every student has the comprehensive, layered support they need to thrive.

Your contributions allow us to innovate new programs, pay our staff, purchase technology and supplies for our classrooms and labs, and adapt existing programs to meet constantly evolving COVID-19 protocols.

Serendipity Center’s tax ID: 93-0730861