School Closure Notifications and Processes

Because our students come from many school districts, we realize that some areas may be more affected by inclement weather. We encourage parents and guardians to use their best judgment and understand if some students are unable to attend school today.

Serendipity Center will decide by 6 AM on the day of school if inclement weather will force us to close or start on late arrival (2-hour delayed start of 10:15 AM).
You will receive an automated call from us by 6:15 AM (or 7 PM the night before, depending on time closure/late arrival decision made).

Serendipity families have the following options for obtaining information about closures, late openings, and early dismissals:

If you don’t think it’s safe to travel in your area or if you have other safety concerns, please feel free to use your best judgment and excuse your child from school that day. If we are open, but it is unsafe to travel in your area, please call and leave a message at (503) 761-7139 (before 8 am), or talk to our receptionist after 8 am to report your child’s absence.

Thank you for helping us keep you and your student safe at Serendipity during inclement weather!