A Message from Serendipity’s Executive Director:

Serendipity Center is a non-profit therapeutic school, combining education, mental health, wellness and transition services for youth who are learning to live with trauma and disability. The Portland Metro children we serve have complex emotional, developmental and behavioral needs. Regular school has not worked. Much is at risk when these students don’t access the support they need, but much is gained when they do.

Introducing Serendipity’s Believe In Me Stories …

“Believe In Me” reflects the heart of who we are as a therapeutic school. We believe in every child’s ability to heal, grow and become responsible community members. Our new video series, Believe In Me Stories, shares what makes Serendipity a special and critically needed school. The stories reveal that when we believe in students, when they are supported in the right environment, amazing things are possible.

Thank you for your interest in therapeutic education, and we hope you enjoy Believe In Me Stories.

Belinda Marier, Executive Director