Believe in Me

Conceived as a multi-year campaign, Believe in Me capitalizes on the potential of Serendipity’s leadership in the field of therapeutic education. In every aspect of our work, in our program, our school campus, our advocacy and community engagement, Serendipity aims to set the standard for what therapeutic education can achieve.

For children learning how to live with disability and trauma, the Believe in Me campaign aims to make the benefits of therapeutic education more widely available. We are committed to the core idea that every child deserves an opportunity to learn. In today’s educational environment, sadly, far too many students lack access to the learning environment they need in order to succeed.

The Serendipity model, developed over many decades, is both effective and affordable. With moderate strategic investment, we can make the benefits of therapeutic education available to more children, both at our own Serendipity school, and through collaboration with partner school districts.

  • At present, the Believe in Me campaign is focusing on major contributions to two strategic areas of investment:
    Strengthening the four pillars of therapeutic education at Serendipity: Education, Mental health, Transition/Life skills, and Wellness.
  • Investing in a master plan for Serendipity’s campus. The plan will increase the number of students who can benefit from learning at Serendipity. It will also be designed specifically as a model space for therapeutic education and its four pillars.

We invite you to play a special role in building the future for one of our region’s most promising educational innovations. For more information, please contact:

Belinda Marier, Executive Director
Tel: 503-595-2783     Email:

Special thanks to our Believe in Me Campaign Leaders
Dale Farr, Acting Co-Chair
Wendy Ricketts, Acting Co-Chair
Paul Fields
Gordon & Kathy Keane
Bob & Marcia Walsh
Davida & Slate Wilson

Ken Hick, our Believe in Me Campaign Chair, is on medical leave. We wish him a swift recovery!