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At Pearls of Hope we unveiled four pairs of charcoal portraits. To celebrate our 40th birthday, Serendipity commissioned local portrait artist Jake Smith to create eight portraits depicting the transformational journey our children experience as they heal. Students often arrive at our school with feelings of aggression, isolation and despair because of trauma and/or difficulties they have experienced.

Each unique pair of portraits visually communicates the emotions our students experience as they move towards healing and transformation and help you to step into the shoes of our students for perhaps the very first time. The first pair of portraits is shown here: Isolation becomes Belonging.

When you support a school like Serendipity, you get to actively participate in transforming children’s lives. Your generosity will support the care and guidance of children who have been severely affected by developmental, psychiatric and neurological issues. With your help, these vulnerable students will have positive life-changing experiences and become valued and productive community members. You enable Serendipity to continue to do this essential work in the lives of young people in critical need of experiencing compassion, belonging, empowerment and especially, hope.