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This fall the students of Serendipity Center were challenged to reach a goal of 2,000 school-wide PBIS tickets to earn a wonderful autumn celebration. Not only did the students of Serendipity rise to the challenge and succeed at earning the Fall Harvest Festival, they smashed through the 2,000 ticket goal and earned over 2,200 by demonstrating safe, respectful, and responsible behavior at school.  Some of the events at this year’s Harvest Festival included an apple press, which gave students an opportunity to make apple cider from scratch using apples donated to Serendipity Center by The Barn for the festival. Students were also able to participate in a needle in the haystack search and decorate pumpkins, some of which were harvested from our Growing Minds Garden.

Serendipity Center adopted PBIS as a school-wide protocol in 2010 and has since seen a number of positive changes in student behavioral management. PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)  is the framework for adopting and organizing evidence-based behavioral interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behavior outcomes for all students (pbis.org). Our fantastic behavioral support specialists have guided Serendipity Center though the adoption phase of PBIS and provide continue support to classroom and support staff. 

Thank you to all of the staff, students, and volunteers who worked so hard to ensure the Harvest Festival was fun and memorable afternoon.