How your gift to Serendipity’s Four Pillar Fund will be used:

As the region’s therapeutic school, Serendipity provides a uniquely structured environment where students who may have never known success at school are able to turn their lives around. Young people who are learning to live with disability and trauma respond to the integrated model of care by finding their way forward, becoming learners, friends, and citizens. While funds from referring public school districts cover basic educational costs, Serendipity’s Four Pillars of Therapeutic Education would not be possible without private investment from businesses, foundations and individuals who share our belief that all children deserve a chance to thrive. The Four Pillar Fund is about the future of our children and the availability of effective therapeutic education in our community.

Gifts to the fund are applied where they are most needed at the time of year they are received. Examples of the services funded by Four Pillar donations are below:

Education Pillar

  • Tier I Coaches assigned to all classrooms, helping to standardize and maximize our model.
  • A Tier III Behavior Specialist, providing heightened case management and data driven interventions to students experiencing the greatest obstacles to learning.
  • Updated curriculum aligned with State Standards.
  • School and art supplies for all students.

Mental Health Pillar

  • Individual case management & mental health counseling.
  • Art therapy & mindfulness training.
  • Trauma-informed interventions.
  • Intentional instruction on critical social skills & emotional regulation

Transition Pillar

  • Learning life skills with on-campus apprenticeships.
  • Preparation to navigate a diverse society through an exploration of equity, bias, & alternatives to the use of hate speech.
  • Leadership cultivation through student council & newspaper.
  • Scholarships for graduates and students seeking to apply their skills to new settings.

Wellness Pillar

  • Growing & harvesting vegetables on our farm to prepare healthy meals.
  • Food, utility, clothing, transportation, & rent assistance to families in need.
  • Regular & seasonal events creating ceremony, ritual & celebration of growth.
  • Senior Service Project to build philanthropy and community awareness.