Dear Friends,

What skills does a person need to live independently as an adult?

At Serendipity, we use a Four Pillar Model to guide our work. Each of the four pillars fits together like a puzzle.

Today, we’re offering you a closer look at the Transition pillar and what it means at our therapeutic school.

We help students prepare for life beyond the classroom. But what does this mean in practice?

In our school, we demonstrate clear communication and healthy self-expression, we teach students to advocate for themselves, and we offer support as they learn to draw from their inner wells of resilience.

We offer programs to cultivate leadership and help students prepare for employment. Opportunities include on-campus internships, tutoring younger students, and serving on Student Council.

Many of our students have only ever been influenced by systems out of their control. We provide programs and space for them to practice exerting influence over a system.

I invite you to support our students as they transition to independent living.


Mark, Takehara
Executive Director, Serendipity Center

The Four Pillar Fund is Serendipity Center’s annual fundraising campaign.

Tuition is provided by school districts, and only partially covers the cost of running Serendipity Center. We use Four Pillar Fund contributions to make sure every student has the comprehensive, layered support they need to thrive.

Your contributions allow us to innovate new programs, pay our staff, purchase technology and supplies for our classrooms and labs, and adapt existing programs to meet constantly evolving COVID-19 protocols.

Serendipity Center’s tax ID: 93-0730861