Dear Friends,
Today, we’re offering you a closer look at the Education pillar and what it means at our therapeutic school.
The basics of the Education Pillar

We aim to give kids who’ve struggled in traditional classroom settings the opportunity to experience academic engagement and success. We do this by providing individualized instruction and adaptive learning opportunities to students of all abilities and backgrounds. We also emphasize ceremony; we celebrate as a community when students reach milestones.

What this means in practice

We match our instruction to the realities of students’ lives. We make individual learning plans for every student, meeting them where they are with whatever support they might need. We offer culturally relevant and highly individualized instruction. Non-verbal students, for example, receive one-on-one instruction with their assigned teaching assistant and a speech and language pathologist.

At Serendipity, students experience academic success and deep community connection, often for the first time.

When you make a donation to Serendipity’s Four Pillar Fund, you’re supporting:
●    Small class sizes
●    Evidence-based instruction practices
●    Trauma-informed learning environment
●    Masters level case manager supporting each student


Mark, Takehara
Executive Director, Serendipity Center

The Four Pillar Fund is Serendipity Center’s annual fundraising campaign.

Tuition is provided by school districts, and only partially covers the cost of running Serendipity Center. We use Four Pillar Fund contributions to make sure every student has the comprehensive, layered support they need to thrive.

Your contributions allow us to innovate new programs, pay our staff, purchase technology and supplies for our classrooms and labs, and adapt existing programs to meet constantly evolving COVID-19 protocols.

Serendipity Center’s tax ID: 93-0730861