Serendipity needs your Support in the midst of COVID-19

As you know, COVID-19 has altered the world around us, and we are facing a new reality. Unfortunately, school closures leave many of our students —who are working so hard to overcome trauma and other major challenges in their lives—with many needs. WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELP WITH THE FOLLOWING-

Purchasing additional laptops and Cloud accessibility for our teachers and clinical staff to be able to provide online education, and mental health support for our students. Please help us to continue to provide special education and mental health support to our students with a donation to our COVID-19 Fund.

Serendipity provides breakfast and lunch daily for every student and without these two meals many of our students will go hungry. Please help to feed our students with a donation to our COVID-19 Fund. Serendipity will purchase and distribute grocery store gift cards directly to our families.

PLEASE DONATE NOW  and choose COVID-19 Fund in the drop-down menu. We are so very appreciative of your immediate support in these unprecedented circumstances and of your continued support and actions to care for our students and our mission!