Serendipity Center’s Annual Harvest Festival

The morning of Friday, October 29, provided a wet, windy, and wild start to Serendipity Center’s annual Harvest Festival, wrapping up Spirit Week at our school.

Students, teachers, and our amazing staff came dressed in a wide variety of wear for the festival! Glinda, the Good Witch of OZ, Batman, delicious buttery waffles, and butterfly fairies were all in attendance on this celebratory day.

Lots of activities happened today, for each of our classes, who visited our Growing Minds Garden on a rotating COVID-safe schedule, designed to ensure each of our students enjoyed themselves safely, under large umbrellas (of course) to stay warm and dry.

Nicolas, our garden supervisor, provided an overview of the activities, noting that students got to “choose a garden-grown pumpkin AND a tiny one, donated by staff; make cider from apples donated by Portland Nursery and Lisa, one of our great teachers; make popcorn that was grown in our garden; and get their picture taken with Pumpkin Bob, a student-made scarecrow who won first prize at Portland Nursery’s scarecrow competition!”

Materials, including colored tissue paper, were provided by garden staff and instructors for students to decorate their pumpkins in class afterwards.

Pumpkin Bob, who some of you know from our social media as Portland Nursery’s 2021 Scarecrow of the Year, recovered from his turn for the worse (an overripe pumpkin head) earlier in the week.

Taylor, our garden assistant, gave him a fresh orange face and sprucing up, ensuring his successful help with our photo booth needs.

Apple cider, as always, was a big hit, with teacher Lisa recognizing the event as a way for her “to contribute to the festivities and give a “slice” of happiness to our students.”

To sum, Harvest Festival, rain and all, turned into a beautiful day and way for Serendipity to recognize and honor our students and their contributions they make every day as their minds grow up.