School-wide Expectations: Defining our Culture at Serendipity

Safety. Respect. Responsibility.

These values define the culture we strive to build at Serendipity, but they are big ideas and can be interpreted differently. This week at Serendipity, there is a focus on School-Wide Expectations. Our goals for this week are:

  • Sharing common language about what it means to be safe, respectful, and responsible.
  • Making sure we all have the knowledge and skill to apply those expectations in the common areas of our school.

During this Focus Week, we’ll share explicit reminders, demonstrations, and feedback on the expected procedures for entering the building, exiting the building, traveling in the hallways, and accessing the restrooms. We’ll practice our 10 School-Wide Expectations. This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, we’ll introduce new procedures related to social distancing and protective health habits.

While Focus Week is time-limited, we are dedicated all year to teaching and reinforcing expectations, with increasing emphasis on those expectations being met independently. In every classroom, there is daily designated time for discussions and coaching about progress and concerns. We call this Check-In/Check-Out.

This Focus Week, as simple as it is, sets the stage for a successful year. We share this because we believe that students will do well if they can, meaning they can’t meet expectations they don’t understand or can’t manage. We share this because we know that predictability and consistency help young people prone to feeling anxious achieve greater success. Walking calmly in a hallway is a small behavior. Making choices based in respect for the safety and comfort of your peers because you understand that what you do impacts others is a huge accomplishment.

Our year is underway, starting as always on a foundation of structure and clarity.