As this pandemic continues, we know you have many questions about how Serendipity is meeting the challenges of Comprehensive Distance Learning as well as providing mental health support in a virtual format. With this is mind, we are so excited to share Serendipity’s ‘Resiliency Conversations’ with you!

Kari Gale, our Communications and Event Manager, will be having a series of conversations with key staff at Serendipity, asking them about how the school is adapting and adjusting to meet the needs of the students in this unprecedented school year. We will be sending these out twice monthly and will add each video to this page as it is created. Please watch and share!

In our final Resiliency Conversation, Executive Director Belinda Marier shares with us how Serendipity will be transitioning into a hybrid model of instruction in the next few weeks. She also extends her personal invitation to Serendipity’s ‘Expressions of Resiliency’, a video event on April 30th, that will wrap up the first phase of our Resiliency Response Fundraising Campaign. We are so excited to have you join us to learn more about how your support has been an integral part of keeping Serendipity strong and resilient during the incredible challenges of this pandemic!

In Resiliency Conversation #9 we get a chance to hear from our Data Analyst and Reports Developer, Deb Schultz, about her new position and work at Serendipity which is being called the Outcomes Project. She shares her excitement about being able to interpret and apply data in a meaningful way to help our students achieve their goals as well as communicate the importance and impact of Serendipity’s mission.

In Resiliency Conversation #8 we get to hear from one of Serendipity’s Interventionists, Jason Lockhart. From food share deliveries to one-on-one connections with students, Jason shares with us how the Intervention Team is impacting students during Comprehensive Distance Learning.

In Resiliency Conversation #7 we get to talk with one of Serendipity’s Upper School Teachers, Kelly Robinson. Kelly shares with us what a typical day looks like for a student during Comprehensive Distance Learning as well as insight into how teachers are connecting with their students and each other despite being isolated by COVID.

In Resiliency Conversation #6, we speak with Serendipity’s Art Therapist Jolie Guillebeau about the importance of her art therapy practice in the midst of Comprehensive Distance Learning. We learn how she is able to customize her interactions and ultimately find ways to connect with and encourage each student she encounters.

In Resiliency Conversation #5, we talk with Serendipity’s Tier III Behavior Specialist Kim Forbes about her position and exactly what she does on a day to day basis during Comprehensive Distance Learning. We learn how this position has been crucial in increasing our mental health support capacity and most importantly, preventing any of our students from falling through the cracks.

In Resiliency Conversation #4, we talk with one of Serendipity’s Clinical Case Managers, Ella Olson, about the challenges of meeting the mental health needs of our students during Comprehensive Distance Learning. We discuss the ways Case Managers and the entire Serndipity staff are responding to students’ increased need for skilled and individualized mental health supports.

In Resiliency Conversation #3, Executive Director Belinda Marier asks donors and friends of Serendipity to support our Holiday Giving Campaign so we can provide enhanced critical mental heath treatment at a time when our children and families need it the most. She also shares her unique perspective on Serendipity’s mission in this challenging time.

In Resiliency Conversation #2, you’ll hear from Nicolas and Taylor, the incredible team behind Serendipity’s Growing Minds Garden. This passionate team shares how they blend the garden seamlessly into virtual learning and takes us behind the scenes of our crucial Family Food Share Program which delivers food to 25 families every week.

Serendipity opened its virtual doors for the 2020-2021 school year with a thoughtful and customized approach for our students. We call it our Resiliency Response Approach. In this first conversation, Kari Gale, Serendipity’s Communications Manager interviews Kevin Thompson, Serendipity’s Vice-Principal about our Resiliency Response.