From upper left to lower right: Shannon Dale, Rachel Gardell, Rick Larson, Erik Mudd, Eric Robertson, Patrick Wrobel

We added six new people to our Board of Directors this past year!

These folks come to us at the emphatic suggestion of current and past Board members, staff, and members of the community. Their range and depth of skills, knowledge, and experience puts us in solid positioning as we head into the new school year.  Paul Fields, our current Board Chair, notes that “on behalf of the entire Serendipity Board of Directors, it is my privilege to welcome our new members, and to share how excited I am about working with each of them to continue Serendipity’s important mission”.

Their strengths are proving golden to a variety of our needs. These new Board members, along with current members and staff, are assisting our upcoming fundraising and outreach efforts, focusing and guiding our capital campaign for new Serendipity facilities, working with our program staff and teachers to provide needed support, and overseeing our finances and investments to ensure Serendipity stays on track and continues to grow.

Mark Takehara, our current Executive Director, is “very excited to welcome and work with such a diverse group of new Serendipity Board members that are committed to our mission”. He further notes that, with these new members, “the Board will continue to work closely with the Serendipity team to strategize growth and expansion opportunities”.

These six amazing new Serendipity faces are:

Shannon Dale – longtime financial professional with New Seasons with a passion for Serendipity’s mission of providing the best environment for students to heal and become productive community members.

Rachel Gardell – experienced independent video producer and production expert, formerly with Wieden+Kennedy. Rachel is on a mission to help us reach out to the community by using these skills to aid fundraising efforts.

Rick Larson – longtime (now retired) financial and operations manager for Centennial School District, Rick brings his vast knowledge of capital projects and facilities construction to bear assisting us with our upcoming capital campaign work, while his connections with school district professionals in the area are invaluable to helping us reconnect and grow relationships with our education partners and stakeholders.

Erik Mudd – Erik is a respected former Serendipity Interventionist and Teacher/Counselor of the Year, who was repeatedly recognized by parents and staff alike for his methods and practices in the service of Serendipity students. Erik is able and willing to commit himself deeply to aiding Serendipity’s program and provides the Board with a ground-level perspective of our student and teaching needs.

Eric Robertson – A tax and nonprofit finance attorney with our longtime partners Miller Nash Graham & Dunn, Eric brings additional experienced fiscal oversight to us along with his solid commitment to our work.

Patrick Wrobel – Patrick is a seasoned investment advisor at Geffen Mesher whose work with our Finance Committee these past two years has helped us keep and maintain solid ground. His corporate networks and outreach will be of good use to Serendipity in growing down the road.

Belinda Marier, our longtime Executive Director, and current consultant, notes that these new Board members, “are exactly the right leaders and volunteers to help achieve Serendipity’s plans and goals.”

We are honored by the commitment these new members, and all of Serendipity’s Board members, make to continue and grow our ability to help students recover and thrive.

You can learn more about our Board of Directors by clicking here!