New Sensory Mural at Serendipity Center

We are humbled and inspired by all the work so many have put into transforming our foursquare courtyard.

Project Color Corps is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to improving spaces using color and design. Over the last several months we have been working with them and the amazing BRIC Architecture, Inc. to transform our courtyard into a beautiful sensory mural.

Our students voted loud and clear on mural colors, and, despite some attempted voter fraud and one vote for “none of these colors—only black!”, we have a clear winner: “Peaceful and Strong” had 39 votes.

Thanks to Project Color Corps and Serendipity volunteers, our students now have a beautiful and inspiring space to play, grow, and learn. We couldn’t be more thrilled to work closely with this innovative group of artists to bring life to this central Serendipity space. And yes, we left the foursquare court alone!

Thank you to the following companies and volunteers for making it happen:

Project Color Corps, Miller Paint Company, BRIC Architecture, Miller Knoll, YGH Architecture, PacificWRO, Ellen Hansen of Mindful Flowers, our muralist Paulina Levaggi, and Portland Street Art Alliance.

Students and staff alike will cherish this new space. Thank you to all who brought this vision to life.

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