Meet Vice Principal Brian: Elevating Social Communication for Student Success

As Serendipity Center bids farewell to La’Verne Kramer, its dedicated Program Manager of 32 years, we warmly welcome a new Vice Principal to continue a legacy of excellence and support for students’ growth. Bringing with him years of work experience at Serendipity along with a wealth of expertise as a trained Speech Language Pathologist, Brian Frost’s background positions him perfectly as Vice Principal to champion the social communication needs of our students.

While working in residential and day treatment settings, Brian became interested in understanding how language therapy could support youth with behavior challenges. He saw that many students could benefit from communication strategies and interventions, even those who did not receive speech and language services. Brian later joined Serendipity Center in May 2016 as a Speech Language Pathologist.

As the new Vice Principal of Serendipity, Brian has a keen understanding of the crucial role communication plays in a student’s holistic development. Brian plans to enhance the nurturing environment at Serendipity where social communication skills of all students are fostered. His passion lies in empowering students to effectively express themselves, connect with others, and thrive academically.

Brian “doesn’t put on a discipline hat,” when he is cultivating relationships with students that are struggling. Instead, he relies on systems in place that reduce unnecessary demands while prioritizing the skill building that will help students navigate through those struggles. He will be focused on the concept of “leveling up” conversations tailored to each student’s unique communication profile. With classroom reorganization underway for the 2023-24 school year, Brian is establishing dedicated coaching spaces within Serendipity Center. These spaces provide program staff with an environment specifically designed for coaching conversations.

Through his guidance and leadership, Serendipity reinforces its commitment to empowering students to thrive not only academically but also emotionally and socially.

With Brian’s expertise in speech language pathology and his unwavering commitment to supporting students’ social communication, we look forward to seeing our Vice Principal carry on the cherished legacy of La’Verne Kramer and grow her impact at Serendipity!

Brian and La’Verne pose after the Class of 2023 graduation ceremony