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Portland Monthly Magazine interview about our Therapy Llamas


Click here to view our “Why Serendipity?” video introducing Serendipity’s programs. We acknowledge the donations of Dennis Looney, cinematographer, and Bonnie Gilchrist, producer.

Annual Reports

Published at the conclusion of a school year, our Annual Reports share the accomplishments, community support, and financial position of that particular year. Click below to download our Annual Reports from the past three years.
Serendipity Annual Report 2017-2018
Serendipity Annual Report 2016-2017
Serendipity Annual Report 2015-2016

Audited Financial Statements

Click below to download Serendipity’s audited financial statement for the past three years.
2015-2016 Financial Statement
2014-2015 Financial Statement
2013-2014 Financial Statement

Fact Sheets

Please visit this page to get details, facts and factsheets on Serendipity and its therapeutic school programs and services.

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