Joseph, Serendipity Student

Joseph was referred to Serendipity Center at age nine. He presented both learning difficulties and behavioral challenges and previous to Serendipity, had been bounced between four different placements and/or classrooms each year.

Due to Joseph’s behavioral challenges, his ability to learn had become extremely limited. He had been suspended from public school multiple times, had been assigned an educational aide, and had been transferred to multiple different educational programs. In the end, Joseph was placed in a room, removed from peers and working with two adult staff at all times.

When our staff first read Joseph’s referral, it indicated that he was extremely defiant and aggressive, with limited cognitive ability. We were advised that he would require staff to wear Kevlar sleeves because of incidents of biting. However, when we met Joseph for the first time at his intake, we were struck by how sweet, shy and charming he was. Following the meeting, we gladly accepted the referral.

At Serendipity, Joseph was provided the support of a one-to-one Skills Trainer. This afforded him the nurturing and flexibility to accommodate an individual schedule and the need to coach whenever needed. Using direct instruction and role playing to practice and master specific social skills gave Joseph new and effective ways to relate to others. He benefitted from consistent and predictable routines.

Since enrolling in Serendipity, Joseph has made a number of major improvements due to the therapeutic support, flexibility, and structure that our facility has provided. He has earned “Student of the Month,” thrived socially, improved his academic ability, and is excelling in his reading program. His confidence has improved greatly and his parents are truly overjoyed with the progress he has made while attending Serendipity.