Jack, Serendipity Student

Jack was referred to Serendipity Center at the beginning of his second grade year. He exhibited developmental delays and increasingly disruptive behaviors. He lacked social awareness, avoided eye contact, and preferred to play alone. He was physically aggressive, and overly stimulated by noise and the chaos of traditional classrooms.  He became enraged if there were changes in the schedule and would respond to his frustration by hitting, kicking, biting, or screaming.

To address these problems, Serendipity assigned Jack a one-on-one skills trainer who could focus on his individual needs. Our staff members were patient and accepting of his social difficulties and language delays, which helped Jack learn more appropriate ways of coping with his frustration. He began to use his words or picture cards to convey his frustration or indicate when he needed to take a break. As a result of our combined efforts, Jack grew more comfortable with the school environment and eventually requested to do his work in the classroom with other students.

Over time, Jack demonstrated tremendous social and emotional growth, began to make academic progress, and started to build trusting relationships with others. He began to develop relationships with his peers and learned to manage his aggressive behavior, emotions and worries without his skills trainer.  He extended his schedule to full school days and responded to reminders and cue cards on his desk.

After four years, Jack’s team supported him to gradually re-enter the environment of a public school. With many planned supports in place, he was able to transition to a public middle school environment, where he is currently thriving. He has come back to visit Serendipity several times and seems happy and secure, and his family frequently expresses their gratitude for all we have done to help their son.