Introducing Our Resiliency Conversations!

We are so excited to share the very first of Serendipity’s ‘Resiliency Conversations’ with you. As this pandemic continues, we know you have many questions about how Serendipity is meeting the challenges of Comprehensive Distance Learning as well as providing mental health support in a virtual format.

Kari Gale, our Communications and Event Manager, will be having a series of conversations with key staff at Serendipity, asking them about how the school is adapting and adjusting to meet the needs of the students in this unprecedented school year.

Serendipity opened its virtual doors for the 2020-2021 school year with a thoughtful, and customized approach for our students. We call it our Resiliency Response Approach. In this first conversation, Kari interviews Kevin Thompson, Serendipity’s Vice-Principal about our Resiliency Response.

We are continuing to adapt our exceptional Four Pillar model of education, mental health, transition readiness, and wellness using virtual participation with an emphasis on literacy and engagement. We have decided to deliver an enhanced program of mental health treatment in response to critical needs now, and when we return to school.

“Responding to students’ increased needs for skilled and individualized mental health supports
is our most critical priority”. 

Belinda Marier, Executive Director