Family Ties: Meet the Dynamic Duo Making an Impact at Serendipity

At Serendipity Center, where support and care intertwine, extraordinary stories of connection and belonging are woven into the fabric of everyday life on campus. Among these stories are the heartwarming accounts of generational families sharing a sense of purpose and connection through their work at Serendipity.

Scott and Tyler Denney, a dynamic father-son duo, have been integral members of the Serendipity Center family. Scott (or Scotty as he is affectionately called by students), a seasoned facilities maintenance technician with a passion for working with the students and staff, joined Serendipity over 19 years ago. Ty, as he is warmly called by those who know him, recalls his father Scott coming home from work and hearing stories about his days at Serendipity. He even helped his father as a young child during Open House nights at Serendipity. However, Ty never imagined “in a million years” that he would join his father and eventually come to work at Serendipity.

5 years ago, Ty recalls feeling that it was time for a new career path. He never envisioned himself working in the field of education and mental health. However, shortly after Ty joined Serendipity, he remembers instantly connecting with the students. “I hated school and never wanted to go to school,” said Ty, while Scott quietly nodded in agreement. “Although I never imagined myself working with kids, I immediately connected with the kids who were frustrated about school.

For both Scott and Ty, working side by side at Serendipity Center has transcended the typical father-son relationship. The duo has found comfort and fulfillment in their shared purpose of making a positive difference in the lives of the students they serve. Scott says, “I look forward to coming to work. We rarely see each other – sometimes passing by in the halls – but having him here is just an extra bonus to what I love about my job.”

Scott and Ty understand the importance of creating a safe space where students can express themselves freely, build self-confidence, and embrace their unique identities. It’s not uncommon for them to come together and think of new ideas and ways to interact and connect with the students they serve.

Reminiscing on a memorable experience at work, Ty says, “There was a student who stopped me while I was walking in the courtyard and called out to me saying, ‘Scotty!’ I said, smiling, ‘That’s not my name.’ The student then said, ‘Oh, yeah, sorry. But you kind-of look like Scotty!’” Ty and Scott chuckled, citing that this student did not have the slightest idea that they were in fact related.

Serendipity Center is privileged to have Scott and Ty as part of their dedicated staff, making a lasting impact in the lives of the students and families they serve!

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