Family Teacher Conferences are just around the corner, next Friday, November 12th

Serendipity Classroom Teachers will reach out to parents/guardians to schedule time (around 30 minutes) to discuss each student. Conferences are virtual and can be conducted by Microsoft Teams meeting or phone call – whichever parents/guardians prefer. Please look for and promptly respond to this outreach if you are a parent or guardian of a Serendipity Center student.

This is the first round of Family Teacher Conferences since we have been back to full-time in-person learning. We are very pleased to report on student progress and check in with their families about the great work they are doing!

Kevin Thompson, Principal, acknowledges “how hard our students have worked, and what a great job they have done adjusting back to the routine of daily school life. Their success is our success, and I have personally seen how hard everyone has worked to create a supportive and therapeutic learning environment for our students.” He is struck by “how insightful and creative staff are at supporting our students on an individual level”.

This commitment is helping to transform our students’ lives. We went back into full-time in-person learning with some challenges. Our ongoing dedication and commitment to helping our students learn has in turn helped them grow – making their learning a success. We are proud of our students and their families’ efforts to encourage and continue their progress!