Equity Week at Serendipity

Monday starts our Equity Week at Serendipity, and kicks off our yearlong Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) curriculum! Haley, a teacher in our Lower School, notes that “Serendipity is working hard to continue creating a safe and welcoming environment for all students and staff.”

Our Executive Director Mark Takehara explains further, saying that “equity in schools is the answer to supporting every student, not just those from disadvantaged backgrounds…when schools are mindful of different backgrounds and provide the right resources, all students are prepared to learn and help each other succeed.”

This work of equity at Serendipity Center includes looking at how we interact with the world around us in all its variety, as well as ongoing conversations within and outside of our community, to nurture and grow this safe and welcoming space.

We will dedicate each week to educating ourselves and our students about what it means to be inclusive. Week one is an introduction to our Welcome Poster, which hangs in our lobby and in every classroom and most offices at our school. Each week following will focus on a different aspect of us as humans, as seen on this poster. We aim to foster a community that celebrates differences as part of loving and respecting each other.

This year-long process will culminate in special projects by each classroom, to be displayed in May!

Learn more about Serendipity Center’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging, and join us in this conversation!