Cultivating a Lasting Impact: The Power of Gift Planning at Serendipity Center

Linda Patterson, Program Assistant

For over four decades, Serendipity Center has been a hub of learning, growth, and family ties, with a unique story that exemplifies the profound impact of giving back.

Linda Patterson, a Program Assistant in Serendipity’s Upper School, has been a steadfast presence since 1982. Linda’s story is intricately connected with those of her family members, forming a rich tapestry of dedication, love, shared values, and the power of giving.

Linda’s ties to Serendipity run deep – her brother once walked the halls as a student in the early 80s, and then later returned to work in an Instructional Assistant role. Today, Linda has two more generations of family members working alongside her at Serendipity.

Linda’s mother, Lenore, was not only a proud parent but also a visionary philanthropist. Lenore’s dedication to Serendipity went beyond her lifetime, thanks to the Living Trust she established to provide payments to her favorite charity for many years after she passed away. Her legacy gift has perpetuated her impact, forever aligning her memory with the growth and success of the school.

As we start the new academic year, the Patterson family’s story helps us to reflect on the impact we can make through thoughtful estate planning— a legacy that transforms lives and ensures that her generous spirit lives on, generation after generation.

Start your own gift planning journey and join the legacy!