Serendipity Complaint Form

Serendipity Center strives to provide an environment where all members of our community feel safe and welcome. Serendipity understands that at times, students and families may have questions or concerns about various aspects of our programs or other experiences. Serendipity welcomes expressions of concern and our goal is to listen to and address all concerns brought forward by students and family members as soon as possible to maintain an inclusive and positive environment in our school.

Students and families may use this form to bring a complaint or concern to the attention of Serendipity’s administration. Serendipity encourages you to meet directly with the staff member or administrator involved in your concern when possible to try to address the concern, but you are not required to do so. Filling out this form will begin Serendipity’s evaluation of the type of complaint you are raising, and what follow up is requested. This form can be used for any type of concern you have, but in particular, it can be used to address an issue with respect to Serendipity’s policies prohibiting bullying, discrimination, and harassment. For more information and links to Serendipity’s policies, please visit the Resources, Policies and Calendar page of our website, available at

Please contact your student’s clinical case manager should you need any support in filling out this form. Alternatively, you may contact Serendipity’s Compliance Manager and Title IX Coordinator, Kristin Harquail, with questions about filling out this form at

All fields must be completed before submitting the form below.

Please describe your concern and include information about all of the following topics or questions as applicable to your concern, and provide any other information you think is relevant. If you choose to complete the form on paper, you may write in the space below or attach additional sheets to answer these questions.