Advancing Equity

The commitment to be an environment in which differences are not only accepted, but viewed as sources of strength, is core to Serendipity’s identity. Without compassionate acceptance, our mission to offer a place where students can heal and learn will not be realized. By being advocates for inclusion and equal access to opportunities, we work towards the lessening of the external barriers of racism, classism, and intolerance that pose threats to all children developing their full potential.

Students referred to Serendipity’s Therapeutic School program have almost all known suffering. Most have experienced the ostracism that results from extreme behaviors. Their skills in the areas of self-regulation, communication, and social interactions lag in their development, due to challenges and circumstances beyond their control. Understanding the context in which their maladaptive behaviors occur is critical, as is understanding the context of the community in which they live and to which they will return.

We understand the correlation between race, socioeconomic status, behavioral health issues, and ability to realize long-term dreams of employment, relationship stability, permanent housing, and participatory citizenship. We know that the growth and healing our students accomplish will assist them towards the realization of the lives they want. However, we realize that we cannot erase the external barriers that present in the form of discrimination and bigotry against people who appear different.