Resiliency Conversation #8 with Interventionist Jason Lockhart

After the extreme winter weather and power outages this past week, we hope you are all staying warm and safe. Many of our staff and students were affected, closing Comprehensive Distance Learning for several days while we waited for crews to restore power. We are thankful to be back on-line this week and are thinking of those around the country that are still struggling to get running water and electricity.
In Resiliency Conversation #8 we get to hear from one of Serendipity’s Interventionists, Jason Lockhart. From food share deliveries to one-on-one connections with students, Jason shares with us how the Intervention Team is impacting students during Comprehensive Distance Learning.
2021, like its predecessor, is testing our resiliency as individuals and as a nation. We share these Resiliency Conversations with you to not only keep you informed about the logistics of running a school in CDL but more importantly… we need your generosity to help our students and staff continue to be resilient as we face unique and extraordinary challenges this school year. Please consider donating by clicking here.