Serendipity’s team of highly trained Interventionists responds when students need assistance outside the classroom. They coach, nurture, de-escalate, and problem solve so that our students master coping skills and maximize their time engaged in learning.

Left to Right (Bottom): Jon C., Gretchen, Earvie | (Top): Nick, Jon S., Erik


Serendipity’s Program Assistants support both our teachers and students. They provide small group instruction, coaching, behavioral support, and the responsiveness that creates cohesive and productive classrooms.

Left to Right (Bottom): David S., Tim, Deborah, Debbie, Amy G. (Top): Graham, Destiny, Linda, Elise, Luke
Not Pictured: Jean


Serendipity’s Skills trainers are assigned to specific students who have demonstrated that one-to-one support is necessary for skill development to occur.

Serendipity Center Therapeutic School Skills Trainers

Left to Right, (Back Row): Tim, Spencer, Alice, Rochelle, Lorelei, Kim, Shaina, Stacy, Marissa, Parker, Jason, Craig; (Middle Row): Lynn, Bonnie, Kobi, Yina, Alycia, Sierra, Drew, Priscilla, Patrick, Audrey, Taylor, Emma, Melissa; (Front Row): Inez, Grace, Danielle, Erin, Rachel, Shelby, Amanda, Alexandra, Riley