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Resiliency Conversation #8 with Interventionist Jason Lockhart

After the extreme winter weather and power outages this past week, we hope you are all staying warm and safe. Many of our staff and students were affected, closing Comprehensive Distance Learning for several days while we waited for crews to restore power. We are thankful to be back on-line this week and are thinking […]

Resiliency Conversation #7 with Upper School Teacher Kelly Robinson

In Resiliency Conversation #7 we get to talk with one of Serendipity’s Upper School Teachers, Kelly Robinson. Kelly shares with us what a typical day looks like for a student during Comprehensive Distance Learning as well as insight into how teachers are connecting with their students and each other despite being isolated by COVID. We […]

Thank you ARCIFORM and Great American Insurance Group!

We want to thank our most recent 20/21 corporate donor ARCIFORM for their continuing commitment to our mission. We also want to thank the Great American Insurance Group and their employees for their generous donations during the past two months while Serendipity was their chosen Holiday Giving charity.

Resiliency Conversation #6 with Art Therapist Jolie Guillebeau

In Resiliency Conversation #6, we speak with Serendipity’s Art Therapist Jolie Guillebeau about the importance of her art therapy practice in the midst of Comprehensive Distance Learning. We learn how she is able to customize her interactions and ultimately find ways to connect with and encourage each student she encounters. Please take a moment to hear […]

Resiliency Conversation #5 with Tier III Behavior Specialist Kim Forbes

Today we want to introduce you to one of our staff members who is making a huge difference in our ability to serve our students throughout Comprehensive Distance Learning.  In Resiliency Conversation #5, we talk with Serendipity’s Tier III Behavior Specialist Kim Forbes about her position and exactly what she does on a day to day basis during […]

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

We want to thank our most recent 20/21 corporate donor Durham and Bates Insurance for their continuing commitment to our mission. We also want to thank the employees of Great American Insurance Group for choosing Serendipity as their Holiday Giving charity. This year, we wanted to take this moment to tell you how grateful we all are for the gifts you […]

Resiliency Conversation #4 with Case Manager Ella Olson

As we continue to focus on the priority of enhancing our mental health support capacity, we wanted to share with you more about the challenges of meeting the mental health needs of our students during Comprehensive Distance Learning. In our fourth Resiliency Conversation, we get the chance to talk with one of Serendipity’s Clinical Case […]

Thank you for Supporting Serendipity!

  We are incredibly grateful to everyone who donated in the first few weeks of our Holiday Giving Campaign! Your generosity enables us to continue to do the vital work of serving our students in this challenging time. Today we’d also like to thank our corporate donors OnPoint, Lease Crutcher Lewis, and NW Natural who have partnered with Serendipity […]

Please Support Our Holiday Giving Campaign!

It has been an extraordinary year for everyone, and we are all ready for this year to end. I hope you will join me to remember 2020 in a positive and healthy way – by supporting our Holiday Giving Campaign. Because of your continued support we can provide enhanced critical mental heath treatment at a […]