We want to thank our most recent 20/21 corporate donor ARCIFORM for their continuing commitment to our mission.

We also want to thank the Great American Insurance Group and their employees for their generous donations during the past two months while Serendipity was their chosen Holiday Giving charity.

In Resiliency Conversation #6, we speak with Serendipity’s Art Therapist Jolie Guillebeau about the importance of her art therapy practice in the midst of Comprehensive Distance Learning. We learn how she is able to customize her interactions and ultimately find ways to connect with and encourage each student she encounters.

Please take a moment to hear from Jolie about the incredible work she is doing to support our students and bring them connectivity, relationship, and joy during this incredibly hard time. Jolie expresses what we have been trying to communicate in all of our Resiliency Conversations – THIS WORK MATTERS! 

Please support our mission and our students by clicking here to donate because truly, YOUR DONATION MATTERS!

Today we want to introduce you to one of our staff members who is making a huge difference in our ability to serve our students throughout Comprehensive Distance Learning. 

In Resiliency Conversation #5, we talk with Serendipity’s Tier III Behavior Specialist Kim Forbes about her position and exactly what she does on a day to day basis during CDL. You’ll learn how this position has been crucial in increasing our mental health support capacity and most importantly, preventing any of our students from falling through the cracks.