Thank you so much, Serendipity families, for continuing to partner with us as we set up distance learning for our students.  Distance learning starts next Monday on April 13th and continues for the remainder of the school year.  

Next week you can expect:

  1. Distance Learning for All:
    1. Reading via iReady for most students.
    2. Math via iReady for most students. 
    3. Writing via pre-recorded videos for most students. 
    4. Choice boards with content & supplemental activities via mail or email.
  2. Three Serendipity Staff to contact you this week:
    1. Case managers for your weekly check in
    2. Teachers for our weekly check in around distance learning. They will be asking for feedback to help customize your child’s choice board & distance learning delivery preferences.  
    3. Speech & Language Pathologists for students that have speech services to set up direct service via pre-recorded videos. 
    4. Many of our staff will reach out to you via google voice. 
  3. A return envelope for completed student work. 
    1. Families are encouraged to return any completed work via the self-address and stamped envelopes that you will receive in next week’s mail.  
    2. Our teachers will need to partner with our families to collect IEP progress monitoring data during distance learning. 

Please know that we are in the beginning stages of offering distance learning for all.  The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) required us to do supplemental instruction only for March 30th-April 10th.  ODE asked schools to start to set up distance learning only one week ago. We will continue to add technology, but it can take time to set up new technology and ensure that it is safe & secure for our students to access. We must also train staff before we offer new platforms to our students.  We will do our best to tailor our delivery of distance learning to meet the needs of all of our families. 

We shifted our quarter schedule so that we can focus on setting up distance learning.  The end of 3rd quarter will now be April 24th.  We will be re-scheduling Family-Teacher conferences for Monday April 27th from 9am-7pm and will your teachers will be hosting those remotely using ZoomPro.  Family-teacher conferences will replace distance learning so there will be no instruction for students on Monday April 27th.  You will receive an updated calendar in next week’s letter.

Thank you for working with us to figure out the best way to delivery distance learning to your child.  Our students’ learning and welfare remains deeply important to us. We miss them and want this experience to be the best possible experience for them. 

Be well,

Megan Pine
Principal, Serendipity