Serendipity is a non-profit therapeutic school serving at-risk students whose complex needs prevent success in other settings.

Serendipity is a non-profit therapeutic school providing education to at-risk students whose complex needs prevent success in other settings.


Serendipity provides individualized instruction and adaptive learning opportunities to students of all abilities, helping those who have struggled in traditional classroom settings to experience academic engagement and success.

Serendipity is a non-profit therapeutic school providing mental health services to at-risk students whose complex needs prevent success in other settings.

Mental Health

The therapeutic services offered at Serendipity integrate clinically designed interventions into the structure of a school day, allowing immediate and constant access to support.

Serendipity is a non-profit therapeutic school providing transition services to at-risk students whose complex needs prevent success in other settings.


Serendipity’s transition services create a bridge for young people between the K-12 special education system and the world beyond the classroom.

Serendipity is a non-profit therapeutic school providing wellness services to at-risk students whose complex needs prevent success in other settings.


Our Wellness programs develop lifelong health awareness and habits, which are important to everyone and even more critical to students already at risk for health challenges resulting from traumatic or adverse experiences.

Serendipity Announcements


Lower and Upper School are Open.

For more info on closures, alerts or early dismissals due to weather or other conditions, please click here.


  • Thursday, February 1: Family-Teacher Conferences. No School for Students.
  • Friday, February 2: Teacher Grading/Planning Day. No School for Students.
  • Monday, February 5: Lower School is Closed. **Upper School is Open.
  • Friday, February 9: Student Council Meeting
  • Friday, February 16: Valentine’s Day Dance
  • Monday, February 19: Presidents’ Day — School and Office Closed.
  • Friday, February 28: Llama Visit


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The staff, students, and board members of Serendipity gratefully acknowledge the following friends from whom we received support in January 2018:

Richard Abrahamson, Sarah Altman, Larry & Jan Baker, Matthew Berryessa, Brown & Brown NW, Jacquelyn Groah, Aaron Herzl, MediaWorks Visual Communications, Erin Moore, OnPoint Community Credit Union, Dan & Helen Stancil, Melody Taylor, Eric Vannood, Walsh Construction Employees, Walsh Construction Corporate Match, and Davida Wilson

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“Serendipity helped me so much. I can better control my anger and Serendipity gave me more coping skills so that I know what to do.”


“I carried Serendipity with me, in the form of this sense in the back of my mind that I had been cared for, listened to, and held accountable. I’d been give a place where I felt wanted, like I “fit”… “taken in” when that was just what I desperately needed.”


“I cannot begin to count the number of times that the staff have gone above and beyond to make every effort to keep our son in school by continually altering and adjusting his school plan to accommodate for his needs.”


“By the time I graduated from Serendipity, I was a leader. I helped others and understood the importance of making responsible choices.”

William Student

“Serendipity offers consistent behavioral and emotional supports through carefully designed individualized plans that involve the student, parent, and district staff.”

Gresham BarlowProgram Director of Special Services

“The perseverance and dedication shown by the staff is second to none. We felt supported and encouraged by these folks in our daughter’s life. She has made a wonderful turn around and we know Serendipity played a major role in shaping her into the person she is today.”


“Serendipity provides more than just academic learning; it is a safe haven for children with extreme circumstances which would otherwise inhibit their social and learning skills which most of us take for granted.”


“The classroom teacher, instructional aides, and case manager have endeavored to create sustainable change in the youths’ lives with whom we work… From cultural sensitivity, to empirically based, collaborative practices, I can’t say enough positive about my experiences with Serendipity staff.”

Consulting Behavior Therapist

“Serendipity has been such a blessing to our son and to our family. They have given my son confidence, self-esteem, life skills, peer relationship skills, and improved reading, writing, and speech.”


“Serendipity taught me… Coping skills to help handle my anger issues and help with thoughts of harming myself, Time management to help juggle multiple things at once, and more importantly; that I was smart enough. I was worth more than I could have imagined.”


“Serendipity is a trusted partner, a true innovator in the way they seamlessly blend learning and healing for severely troubled children. Students who have been failing for years will often turn their lives around at Serendipity, astonishing their families, teachers, and themselves.”

David DouglasSuperintendent

“Since he started at Serendipity, when asked about school, my son’s face lights up and he has nothing but positive things to share. He has never been excited about school before Serendipity.”


“Being held responsible for my own behavior at Serendipity prepared me to hold a job and to live in my group home. It was a good school to go to because it gave me a safe place to attend year round.”


“Because Serendipity provides developmentally appropriate curriculum and mental health services based on the individual needs of its students, innumerable youth have been afforded opportunities to experience academic and interpersonal success.”

Centennial SchoolSpecial Education Director

“My son gets one-on-one attention from staff. The classrooms are much smaller so he can receive help easier… He has learned more at Serendipity than in other school setting he has been in.”


“I know that Serendipity is a great place for kids that need a little extra help. I’ve never felt more safe and secure at any other school then I have at Serendipity. This school is a great fit for kids who have problems with school work, home issues, or just fitting in.”


“Serendipity provides the essential environment and interventions for these children to begin to turn their lives around.”


“Serendipity Center understands how important education with a mental health component is for someone like my son. By first healing his wounded emotional state, he gained the confidence to reach beyond his comfort zone, to try new things, to grow and learn.”