Thank you so much for working with your child’s team at Serendipity to figure out how to best support your child during distance learning.  Oregon Department of Education is recommending the following instructional day.

Instructional Day Recommended Guidelines

Grade Level Teacher-Led Learning

Structured, grade-level learning directed by teacher and supported by teacher.

Learning and Supplemental Activities

In addition to Teacher-Led Learning, led by the student and/or family.

Meeting Nutrition and Wellness Needs

Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Recess/Play breaks.

K-1 45 Minutes Maximum 1-2 Hours Recommended 2 Hours Recommended
2-3 60 Minutes Maximum 2 Hours Recommended 2 Hours Recommended
4-5 90 Minutes Maximum 3 Hours Recommended 2 Hours Recommended
6-8 30 Minutes per Subject;

3 hours Maximum

1-2 Hours Recommended 2 Hours Recommended
9-12 30 Minutes per Subject;

3 hours Maximum

1-2 Hours Recommended 2 Hours Recommended

Each teacher is using the following menu of distance learning delivery paths to meet your child’s educational needs in the area of “Teacher Led Learning”: 

  • iReady:  web-based assessment, instruction, and progress monitoring in reading and math. 
  • Seesaw:  web-based assessment, instruction, and progress monitoring in each of your child’s regular courses
  • ZoomPro:  web-based video conferencing which meets the privacy standards for schools in FERPA. 
  • Distance Learning Packets:  mailed packets with written instructions designed to help your child make progress on each of your child’s IEP goals and/or regular coursework. 

Teachers have been preparing to offer live video conferencing for your child so that they may work on positive social and academic skills such as using school appropri ate language and turn taking with their classmates.  Your child’s teacher will reach out to you for how your child’s classroom is going to use live video conferencing.  

In order to support our families, we have adapted Serendipity’s 10 School Guidelines to address expected behavior during Distance Learning. Click here to find the two page document.  In addition, each of our distance learning lessons begins with stating behavior expectations for that lesson. 

Each teacher is using “choice boards” to support students and families in choosing supplemental and wellness activities that work best for every child and family. 

Our Teachers and Case Managers are continuing to contact you on a weekly basis to get feedback and problem solve with you so that we can provide the best educational and mental health services possible for your family. 

A reminder that there is no school/distance learning on Friday May 22nd and Monday May 25th in honor of Memorial Day. 

In our next letter to Serendipity families, we will be providing more details about how we plan to continue our spring events and ceremonies during distance learning including a distance spirit week, a distance talent show, and our end of year awards ceremonies via distance learning.

We understand that Oregon’s Stay at Home Order and Distance Learning are very hard on our students and families.  Please reach out to your child’s Teacher or Case Manager if there is anything more we can do to help. 

Be well,

Megan Pine
Principal, Serendipity Center